Tartugo Offers

Feature documentaries
Creative documentaries from and about the Middle East, where the human being is always in the center of the story.

TV reports
TV reports for German language and Arab TV stations from Lebanon and the region of the Middle East.

Corporate and promotional films
Tartugo Films produces promotional films for German organizations, the UN office in Beirut and the Lebanese government.

Educational films
Tartugo Films produces educational films about subjects such as
• Peace building, memory and reconciliation
• Former fighters
• Child rights and child soldiers
• Danger of small arms

Tartugo Films also offers training sessions on
• Journalism (defining the subject matter, research, interview techniques, story telling)
• Video techniques (visual concepts, technical aspects of filming with a video camera)

Tartugo Films helps foreign correspondents to produce their films in Lebanon and has access to a wide network of local fixers.