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Christina Foerch Saab, documentary film director

Christina Foerch SaabChristina Foerch Saab was born in 1969 in Germany and has worked as journalist and documentary filmmaker in Berlin and in Beirut, where she has been living since the year 2000. Before moving to Lebanon, where she is married and has one daughter, she extensively traveled North and South America, where she was directing documentaries and worked as assistant director.

From 2000 until now she made numerous reports, features and documentaries for renowned TV stations such as ARD, ZDF, arte, ORF, Al Arabiya and others from and about Lebanon. She regularly works as video journalist for DW TV’s Arabic program. Apart from her TV work, she has produced numerous documentaries for Lebanese NGOs in the fields of memory and collective history, child soldiers, small arms and peace building. She also makes promotional films for the Lebanese government and the United Nations Beirut office. Last, but not least, she also works as video trainer for Lebanese NGOs.

Her first feature documentary, Che Guevara died in Lebanon, premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2011 and participated in other international film festivals in Germany, Turkey and Lebanon in 2012.